Christopher Leinberger

Director, Up for Growth Action Board of Directors; Founding Partner and Managing Director at Places Platform, LLC

Chris Leinberger is a land use strategist, developer, professor, researcher and author. He balances business realities with social, environmental and public health issues. Currently, Mr. Leinberger is Managing Partner and Co-founder, Places Platform, LLC, which assesses place-based economic, social equity and public health by measuring and managing economic growth, net fiscal impact, real estate valuation, achieving social equity and increasing public health.

Mr. Leinberger also serves as Professor Emeritus at the Center for Real Estate and Urban Analysis at the George Washington University School of Business. He is also Principal of Walkable Urban Places Advisors, Inc., his consulting firm, which engages in strategic planning for walkable urban places, such as downtowns, suburban town centers, redeveloping sub-urban Edge Cities, etc. He has developed strategies for the downtowns of Chattanooga, New Orleans, Lancaster (PA), Detroit, Albuquerque, Somerville (MA), etc.

Prior to his current work, Mr. Leinberger founded Arcadia Land Company, a New Urbanism/transit-oriented development firm dedicated to land stewardship and building a sense of community. The firm has active developments in the Philadelphia metropolitan area and headquarters in Center City.

Mr. Leinberger has written two books, the most recent book is The Option of Urbanism, Investing in a New American Dream, published in 2008 by Island Press and released in paperback in 2009. Planetizen, the urban planning and architecture web site, selected the book as one of the top 10 books of 2008. He is also the author of Strategic Planning for Real Estate, originally published by ULI in 1993 and a 2nd edition written by his former RCLCO partners in 2008 with the Introduction written by him.

He has contributed chapters to 13 books, most recently, Companion to Real Estate Development (Routledge), Suburban Remix: Creating the Next Generation of Urban Places (Island Press) and Sustainable Urbanism and Beyond (Rizzoli). He has written for the Atlantic, New York Times, Washington Post, Nation, Washington Monthly, American Conservative, Urban Land, etc. He has been profiled by NPR’s All Things Considered and Marketplace, CNN, Washington Post, among others.

Mr. Leinberger was named as one of The 100 Most Influential Urbanists of all time in a 2017 Planetizen poll.

He is a graduate of Swarthmore College, Coro Foundation Fellowship Program, and Harvard Business School. He and his wife live in Dupont Circle area in Washington, DC.