Ken Gear

Director and Executive Committee Member, Up for Growth Action Board of Directors; Chief Executive Officer, Leading Builders of America

Since 2008, Ken has served as Chief Executive Officer of Leading Builders of America (LBA), a Washington, D.C. trade association representing many of the largest home builders in the nation.  LBA’s 21 members build approximately 35% of all new homes in the United States.  In this capacity, Ken serves as the primary voice of major home builders before Congress, the executive branch and all federal agencies.  This work keeps Ken focused on a variety of issues including tax reform, mortgage finance, land use, environmental legislation and labor law.  He regularly offers testimony before Congress and federal agencies and has appeared on numerous national media outlets.

Prior to joining LBA, he served as Vice President and Counsel for Pulte Homes where he managed Pulte’s outreach to Congress and federal agencies as well as state legislators in 27 states.  He was also charged with managing a legal compliance in a number of areas.  

Prior to working for Pulte Homes, Ken served as Vice President of the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers and as Senior Counsel and Director of Federal Government Affairs for Sears and Sears National Bank.  In that role, he was responsible for consumer credit and finance issues, employment law, and tax legislation.  Earlier in his career, Ken served at General Counsel for the Retailers Association of Massachusetts.

Ken began his career working as a committee staffer in the Massachusetts state legislature.  He received his undergraduate degree in Finance and Economics from Suffolk University and his law degree from Suffolk University Law School in Boston.  He remains actively involved in his local alumni association and as a student mentor. 

In his spare time Ken can found swinging a golf club in his ongoing quest to break 90 or more likely with his wife and three children at a lacrosse game, dance recital or rowing regatta.